Good-bye and good-luck!
24th – 26th June 2022

Join us for the 10th edition of the most exciting literary festival in Warsaw.
Feel invited to participate in all the events available in English.
All festival events are free of charge.

MEET US AT OTWOCKA 14 IN WARSAW, at the heart of Praga Północ district, where we reimagine the former gum factory into a world of literature.


Honour and disgrace in India. Hate crimes and all the things that remain off-limits to the good girls of world’s largest democracy. Meet SONIA FALEIRO awarded reporter and author from India, living in the UK.
Polish-English translation by Aga Zano
Host: Sylwia Chutnik
Partnered by British Council
Saturday, June 25th, 12.00, HURTOWNIA hall


How do we escape the old traumas suffered from our nearest. Does time truly help to heal the wounds? KAREN SMIRNOFF brought sensation to Swedish readers with her saga of the Kipp family. Meet the author who made her splashing debut only after she turned 50. And now she’s been chosen to continue the famous Stieg Larsson’s saga.
Polish-English translation: Barbara Maciąg.
Host: Justyna Dżbik-Kluge
Saturday, June 25th, 14.00, HURTOWNIA hall


Is our world hounded by the ghosts of the past? Can we remain lucid with the triumphs of alt-right and the grip of on-line culture on our lives? Are there still values to be kept and saved? Listen to HARI KUNZRU, reknowned British writer, whose latest acclaimed novel is the „The Red Pill”.
Polish-English translation by Aga Zano
Host: Łukasz Grzymisławski
Partnered by British Council
Saturday, June 25th, 16.00, PRODUKCJA hall


Let’s all raise a toast and celebrate. It’s the Big Book Festival’s 10th birthday party. Dress-up and change into a title – or the main character – of your favourite book. Give it just a touch or go all the way!
The most outstanding costumes will get noticed, appreciated and awarded.
Enjoy the musical performance by BUSLAV and dance well into the night.
The changing room opens at 18.00.
Haven’t got the costume? No worries. You can borrow small accessories at the entrance.
Saturday, June 25th, 21.00, MONTAŻ hall


Is her famous novel „Acts of Desperation” a cry of a generation hungry for love? Why her female 30-something character remains nameless and what do young women make of their bodies nowadays. Meet the Irish author and publicist MEGAN NOLAN, whose debut became an instant sensation across Europe.
Polish-English translation by Aga Zano
Host: Anna Dżabagina
Sunday, June 26th, 16.00, PRODUKCJA hall


What was it like to live and hustle in South Kilburn, a war zone of London city, among boys all too eager to become men. With violence and vengeance at all cost, between hope and despair. And how he left it all behind. Listen to GABRIEL KRAUZE, British author of Polish origin, talking about his smashing first novel “Who They Was”.
Polish-English translation by Tomasz S. Gałązka
Host: Max Cegielski
Partnered by British Council
Sunday, June 26th, 18.00, HURTOWNIA hall


Big Book Festival is Poland’s top innovative festival of reading and arts, an innovative urban event taking place yearly on a summer weekend in Warsaw. It engages authors, experts, artists and thousands of readers in various activities, e.g. workshops, public readings, discussions, performances, city games, urban tours, spectacles etc. It merges literature, ideas, people, architecture and technology. Many of the festival talks and debates are available online.

We started off in 2013 and now we are Central Europe’s most important and most exciting book festival as well as a member of EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe prestigious platform connecting most progressive events in 30 countries. We take great efforts to create unique events, using multimedia, special scenography and urban spaces. Every year Big Book Festival takes place in surprising spaces like old factories, railway stations, busy public crossings, parks, etc. Our aim is to built excitement for both authors and readers.

So far we’ve had the joy of welcoming great authors and international literary stars including Zadie Smith, Svetlana Alexievich, Annie Proulx, Vivian Gornick, Sigrid Nunez, Kate Brown, Karl Ove Knausgård, Hanif Kureishi, Boris Akunin, Antonio Muñoz Molina, David Grossman, Alessandro Baricco, Stefan Hertmans, Andrés Barba, Jeet Thayil, Ed Vulliamy, Elias Khoury, Chigozie Obioma. Since 2013 we hosted meetings with eminent writers from 50 countries and hundreds of Polish authors.

All festival talks and debates are free of charge. We carry strong social profile and we focus on facilitating open discussion and exchange of thoughts. Big Book Festival is a non-profit event organized by an independent NGO – „Kultura nie boli“ Foundation based in Warsaw, a small group of people with experience and bold ideas. The festival is funded with public and private donations, as well as grants from Polish Ministry of Culture, City of Warsaw and multiple international organizations.