Join us for three days of unlimited, joyous reading!

Big Book Festival, the international festival of reading and arts, is taking place for the seventh time.
The 2019 edition will last for three days throughout the weekend of 21st – 23rd June.

We will host 50 talks, discussions, workshops, games, shows and walks.
We will welcome authors from many countries.

Among our announced guests are:
Kate Brown (USA), Kapka Kassabova (Bulgaria), Arnon Grunberg (The Netherlands), Agus Morales (Spain), Catherine Blackledge (UK), Therese Bohman (Sweden), Radka Denemarkova (Czech), Helga Flatland (Norway), Hans Joachim Lang (Germany).

You’ll laugh, feel surprised and get excited. But most of all – you are welcome to enjoy reading and spending your quality time with books the way you like it.

This year’s edition called OUT OF THE BOX is about doing things differently, setting yourself for all kinds of literary pleasures, including the quilty ones. Forget about the bestsellers lists and what critics think. Forget what your friends say is a must read.

Feel like diving into a thriller? Or indulging in contemplating the passing of time with a slow read? Or maybe you really want to spend your afternoon with the pocket edition of „How to make relationships work“ handbook?

Well – let go of all the dos and don’ts, feel free to read what you want.

Big Book Festival likes innovation and sees literature both as a source of pleasure and an inspiring pattern of modern reality. We get together each year to celebrate reading in all it’s forms and flavours. We see no borders, no right or wrong ways of enjoying the world of letters.

As a travelling festival, for this year’s edition we chose an out of the box location – three exciting spots along Dąbrowskiego Street in Stary Mokotów – a lovely neighborhood with an artistic feel.

Find us at:

Dąbrowskiego 81 – Big Book Cafe, an all year round centre for literature
Łowicka 21 – Centrum Łowicka, local cultural hub
Dąbrowskiego 51 – Władysław Broniewski Museum, poet’s private house and museum

Our events are free of charge.

You are more than welcome to join us for all the events available in English.


After ten years of research and studies professor Kate Brown reveals truth about Chernobyl disaster.
Friday, 21.06, 18.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


Nigerian literary sensation AYỌ̀BÁMI ADÉBÁYỌspeaks of African women beaking free of traditions and the powerful language of new storytelling.
Saturday, 22.06, 14.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


British novelist Sarah Moss speaks of being on the edge of fear and loss, and finding hope in miraculous survivals.
Saturday, 22.06, 16.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


Travelling doctor and author Gavin Francis takes you on an illustrated tour of the human body offering insights on everything from the ribbed surface of the brain to the secret workings of the heart and the womb.
Saturday, 22.06, 18.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


British author CATHERINE BLACKLEDGE takes us on a historical tour of vagina’s influence on religion, culture and power. We learn of ancient rituals and why the feminine sexuality still is a taboo.
After the meeting we take a short tour of female-inspired artworks „Ana-Suromai“ and „28 Days“ by Iwona Demko.
Saturday, 22.06, 20.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


British new technology analyst JAMIE BARTLETT argues Internet is killing democracy, but presents some exciting ideas on how we can save it.
Sunday, 23.06, 12.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


Dutch novelist ARNON GRUNBERG talks on ambitions and disillusionment of modern middle class men and explains why family parties are excellent settings for dramas in theatre, film and literature.
Sunday, 23.06, 14.00 – Łowicka 21, Galeria


New literaty star from Norway – HELGA FLATLANT speaks of freedom in modern families and whether it is truly never too late for a change.
Sunday, 23.06, 16.00 – Łowicka 21, Duży Balet


Bulgarian essayist KAPTA KASSABOVA speaks of the borderland between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey – a forgotten and mystical country full of historical traces, unwilling to move forward and into the future.
Sunday, 23.06, 18.00 – Łowicka 21, Duży Balet


Experience graphic novels and comics coming to life. Watch the awarded American writer and cartoonist LYDIA CONKLIN create stories of words and pictures. IN ENGLISH ONLY!
Sunday, 23.06, 18.00 – Łowicka 21,, Mały Balet